The Land of The Buddha
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Buddha & Buddhism

buddhismSiddhartha Gautama was born in Lumbini Garden in 623 BC. His mother Queen Maya Devi passed away after seven days of his birth. The newly born child was brought up by his step mother Prajapati with much love, affection and care. He was named “Siddhartha” meaning every wish fulfilled. He renounced the princely life at the age of 29 after having seen four great sights of a sick man, groaning with pain, an old man, stooped with age, a dead body, being carried for a funeral pyre, and a monk, majestically walking along the road.....[+] Read More


Lumbini lies in the Rupandehi district of Lumbini zone of western Nepal . It is 20 Km from the Gautam Buddha airport, Siddhartha Nagar and 27 km. from the Indian Border, Sunauli.....[+] Read More


The Koliyas obtained one of the eight parts of the Buddha's relic which they enshrined here and built a magnificent stupa and worshipped for a long time. Buddhist literary sources mention that Emperor Asoka wanted to open and obtain the Buddha's relic to build eighty four thousand minors  [+] Read More

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chetan Chetan Raj Pant and Shambhu Pant have been serving as journalist in Lumbini region for more than two decades. They have been working for publicity and promotion of Buddhist sites in and around Lumbini. They have been actively participating various national and international tourism mart and festivals for publicity of these historical and pilgrimage sites .....[+] Read More


The ancient capital of Sakya kingdom (Kapilavastu) is located about 27 km west of Lumbini. Tilaurakot houses the vestiges of ancient Sakya palace where Siddhartha lived his early 29 years as a prince.....[+] Read More


Devadaha is the famous ancient capital of Koliya kingdom, the maternal hometown of queen Maya Devi, Prajapati and princess Yasodhara. The site is situated at about 57 km northeast of Lumbini and is well connected by the Mahendra Highway . We can observe many archaeological .....[+] Read More

Buddha in India

The Bodhi tree under which the Bodhisatva attained enlightenment exists even today. A large chunk of devotees pay homage to the tree. The historical place at which the Enlightenment took place became a place of pilgrimage. About 250 years after the Enlightenment, the Buddhist Emperor, Asoka visited the site. It is believed that he constructed Mahabodhi Temple , a monastery and offered a diamond throne to the shrine here.....[+] Read More